Place Of Origin:

Spokane, Washington




30ish but closing in on 40ish.

Religious Preference:



I'd really like to become a model train enthusiast but my enthusiasm is lacking.


Steven James Wylie hails from the Northwest. He is married to author Morgan Wylie and they have a daughter. He has written, recorded and released music independently since 2003. In 2015 he released a short story of an EP called "Sometimes The Loneliness Can Get So Loud".

Steven's latest musical work is a 15 song epic called "We Were All Together". The story of YOUTH, STRUGGLE and REFLECTION.

For the last year and half SJW has been working on screenwriting. He also is in mid production scoring his first soundtrack for a yet to be titled film by director Ron Ford. 

Steven is also beginning preparations to colonize Pluto in order to prove, once and for all, that it is indeed a planet. Suck on that Bill Nye. 

Written by Clark Hannigan